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Leadership and Team Building


  • Credit value: 15 credits at Level 3
  • Convenor: Sara Chaudhry
  • Assessment: a 3000-word individual report/essay (100%)

Module description

This module examines the role and importance of leadership and teams in organisations. It explores the mix of attributes, skills and capabilities required of successful leaders and the nature of team working, the process involved in building and maintaining high performance teams, and the skills and attributes required of an effective team player.

Indicative module syllabus

  • An overview of leadership theories
  • Key characteristics of effective leaders
  • Leadership roles and responsibilities
  • Key characteristics of high-performing teams
  • Team building and the team development lifecycles
  • Team roles and responsibilities
  • Role of emotional intelligence in leadership and team building
  • Importance of leadership to successful teams

Learning objectives

By the end of this module, you will have:

  • a good understanding of the concept of leadership within organisations, including the key skills and attributes of a successful leader and the difference between leading and managing
  • an understanding of the role and importance of teams within organisations
  • a clear understanding of the characteristics of effective teams, the role individuals play in teams and how leaders build and motivate successful teams
  • an understanding of the role of emotional intelligence in leadership and team building
  • clear insight into your own team leadership capabilities and potential, and the role of leadership and teams within your organisation.