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Hospitality Experience Design


  • Credit value: 15 credits at Level 7
  • Convenor: Dr Thomas Kyritsis
  • Tutor: to be confirmed
  • Assessment: a 12-15-minute group presentation (30%) and 3000-word individual report (70%)

Module description

Designing the customer experience in the hospitality industry is vital for the success of hospitality organisations, especially considering the ongoing challenges the industry faces. The international hospitality industry is highly competitive pressuring organisations to ensure operational efficiency and differentiation.

Customer experience management is a complex task, as customers can interact through multiple channels at different stages of their journey, and they evaluate their experience at each touchpoint. The hospitality industry takes customer experience to higher levels with personalisation and customisation of their services, redesigning hospitality experiences in an effort to adapt to changes to the environment, to customer behaviour and needs, and to advances in technology.

The module addresses concepts and models of innovation management, human-centred service design, the experience economy, co-creation and strategies for building customer relationships and hospitality experiences incorporating technology into the process.

Learning objectives

By the end of this module, you will be able to:

  • demonstrate a critical understanding of core concepts, models and theories of innovation, technology and service design for contemporary hospitality organisations
  • analyse and apply approaches based on innovation and technology in the service process to achieve strategic and operational goals and company profitability
  • critically evaluate the challenges and opportunities in customer experience design, developing relevant strategies to address these
  • demonstrate a critical appreciation of the importance and the role of employees and customers to successful service delivery in practice.