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Digital Culture


  • Credit value: 30 credits at Level 7
  • Convenor: Joel McKim (subject to change)
  • Assessment: short critical essay (35%) and research paper (65%)

Module description

This module will explore the influence of digital media technologies on contemporary culture. The current pervasiveness of digital images and information is undeniable, but the social, aesthetic and economic impact of this spread has only begun to be considered within academic discussions.

How has the development and accessibility of digital technologies changed the way we create and communicate? What is the significance of the digital data and code that lie behind our contemporary images and interfaces? Has the production of art, media and culture been opened up or standardised by the spread of the digital?

Indicative module content

  • Pre-histories and Archaeologies of the Digital
  • Software, Code, Algorithm
  • The Digital Image/Visualising Data
  • Exhibiting the Digital
  • Viral Culture
  • Digital Time
  • Gaming Cultures and Industries
  • Digital Politics and Participatory Culture
  • Digital Value, Digital Labour and the Sharing Economy
  • Smart Cities and Augmented Spaces