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Introduction to Digital Culture


  • Credit value: 30 credits at Level 4
  • Convenors: Dr Scott Rodgers, Dr Robert Topinka
  • Assessment: a 1250-word academic writing exercise (30%) and 1500-word critical practice essay (70%)

Module description

In this module we introduce you to some of the most important themes and debates relating to digital culture today. Through an examination of pressing topics - such as the role of software algorithms in perpetuating cultural biases, the ways we increasingly curate who we are through online platforms, or the rise of social media influencers - we will ask just what is becoming of culture in a digitalising world.

While the module will first and foremost be thematically focused, you will in the process also begin to build up a capacity to analyse digital culture through core academic techniques such as critical reading and essay composition.

Indicative syllabus

Video lectures

  • What is digital?
  • What is digital culture?
  • How will we explore digital culture?


  • Interface: how do we use digital?
  • Ubiquity: where is digital?
  • Algorithm: how does digital decide?
  • Data: what is digital knowledge?
  • Identity: how do we define ourselves digitally?
  • Connection: how do are we digitally social?
  • Play: how do we play through digital?
  • Work: how does digital reshape labour?


  • Screen capture basics
  • Video editing basics