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Protein Expression, Purification and Biophysical Characterisation


Wednesday 05 October 2022 - Thursday 19 January 2023, 7pm-8.30pm

7 sessions - Check class timetable


The expression of properly folded protein is a prerequisite for structural biology, biochemistry and most medicinal applications. On this online short course, Protein Expression, Purification and Biophysical Characterisation, we will look at methods for achieving high levels of pure expressed protein from both bacterial and eukaryotic cell expression. We will also introduce you to several biophysical methods for evaluating the quality of the sample.

Producing a pure protein sample is a vital first step for structural biology and many other disciplines. The course gives you the theoretical background to achieve this and to characterise the sample with biophysical methods. This background is valuable for research and industry in a large range of biological disciplines.

This postgraduate-level course is suitable for anyone wanting to understand the methods to produce significant quantities of pure protein for research in:

  • structural biology
  • biochemistry
  • cell biology
  • biotechnology
  • health applications.

This course features a live online tutorial for each section. It is assessed by a 1.5-hour examination (66%) and regular coursework (34%).

30 credits at level 7

  • Entry requirements

    Entry requirements

    We accept graduates in any scientific discipline, including computer science and psychology. You will need a basic understanding of protein structure (alpha helix, beta sheet, peptide bond) and some simple organic chemistry. If you do not have this then please take our Principles of Protein Structure short course first.

    As part of the enrolment process, you may be required to submit a copy of a suitable form of ID.

    International students who wish to come to the UK to study a short course can apply for a Visitor visa. Please note that it is not possible to obtain a Student visa to study a short course.

  • How to apply

    How to apply

    You register directly onto the classes you would like to take. Classes are filled on a first-come, first-served basis - so apply early. If you wish to take more than one short course, you can select each one separately and then register onto them together via our online application portal. There is usually no formal selection process, although some modules may have prerequisites and/or other requirements, which will be specified where relevant.