This section of the web site contains the following items:

  • The cumulative Boyle Bibliography, which is updated with the recent items separately listed in On the Boyle
  • The Occasional Papers of the Robert Boyle Project
  • Research Articles, bringing together various research papers that have been published on the website over the years
  • Information on the standard editions of The Works of Robert Boyle (1999-2000), The Correspondence of the Robert Boyle (2001) and Robert Boyle by Himself and his Friends (1994). This contains files listing the content of each volume of the editions and supplying corrigenda; perhaps most significant is the 'Supplement of letters that have come to light since the [Correspondence] edition was published', which has been updated to include new material
  • A complete set of back issues of On the Boyle, including an index
  • An Archive area containing resources for teachers published on the previous Boyle web site (developed by Dr Fiona Kisby, Queenswood School, Hertfordshire), as well as the original edition of the Workdiaries of Robert Boyle, now wholly superseded by the CELL online edition.