Document Title: MS version of 'Essay of the Porousness of Solid Bodies', Porosity, chapter VIII.
Related Material: Works, vol. 10, pp. 144-54, including hitherto unpublished material.
Extent: Fols. 191-204 (14 leaves)
Date: 1670s
Description: Lacks paragraph about fire on pp. 134-5 (see BP 19, fol. 195), opening part of 3rd paragraph from the end (see ibid.), and final paragraph. Three paragraphs on fol. 195 and nine lines on fol. 198, both about the porousness of glass, were not published.
Hand: Slare
Physical Description: Manuscript. Fol. 196 is blank.
Language: English

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Boyle Papers Volume 9 Fol. 204v-205r