Boyle Papers Volume 8

Extent: 212 folios
Date: Late 17th century
Description: Folio-size volume; foliated; 19th century contents leaf: Philosophy
Physical description: Manuscript document
Note: The following wholly blank openings are omitted: fols. 45v-46r, 212v [final page]. There is a fol. 192A as well as 192.

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Fol. 1 (1 leaf): Contents of the (as yet) unpublished parts of Usefulness, endorsed by Henry Oldenburg as having been received by him on 25 April 1666.
Fols. 3-28 (26 leaves): 'Essay III Containeing a further Declaration of the Usefullnes of Naturall Philosophy by manifesting that Physiologie much conduces to promote the Empire of Man over the Creatures'.
Fols. 29-45 (17 leaves): 'Notes upon the 27th Section'.
Fol. 46v (1 leaf): Untitled list of heads on porosity.
Fols. 47-59 (13 leaves): Fragment of original version of Usefulness.
Fol. 60 (1 leaf): Title and first two paragraphs of 'Essay the VIII: That a Ground of expecting considerable things from Exper Philosophie is given by those things which have been found out by illiterate Trades-men of lighted on by change' (Usefulness).
Fol. 61 (1 leaf): Material relating to Usefulness.
Fols. 62-3 (2 leaves): Cover sheets. Fol. 62v endorsed 'Rough Papers belonging to the Vth Essay'; fol. 63, 'Promiscuous Addenda to my severall Treatises' [Title-page of Workdiary 22].
Fol. 64v (1 leaf): 'The Order of My Severall Treatises'.
Fols. 65-91(27 leaves): 'Promiscuous Addenda to my severall Treatises' [Workdiary 22, part 1].
Fols. 92-116 (25 leaves): 'A Continuation of (Printed) Addenda to my severall Treatises' [Workdiary 22, part 2].
Fol. 117 (1 leaf): List of Raymond Lull's books.
Fols. 118-22 (5 leaves): 'A Diurnall Miscellaneous Collection, Begun March the 25th 1648/9' [Workdiary 4].
Fols. 123-39 (17 leaves): 'Of the Study of the Booke of Nature. For the First Section of my Treatise of Occasional Reflections.'
Fols. 140-8 (9 leaves): 'A Philosophical Diary. Begun this first of January 1654/5' [Workdiary 12].
Fols. 149-52 (4 leaves): MS version of part of Notion of Nature.
Fols. 153-9 (7 leaves): MS version of part of Excellency of Theology
Fols. 160-4 (5 leaves): Fragment of 'Dialogue on the Generation and Transmutation of Metals'.
Fols. 165-70 (6 leaves): Sections of 'An Essay of various Degrees or kinds of the Knowledge of natural things' interspersed by material on sense, reason and authority (fols. 167-8).
Fol. 171 (1 leaf): Early version of publisher's note to Degradation of Gold.
Fols. 172-9 (8 leaves): MS version of experiment XVIII in Spring, 1st Continuation.
Fols. 180-3 (4 leaves): Unpublished Latin translation of part of Exp & Obs Physicae.
Fols. 184-7 (4 leaves): Sections of 'An Essay of various Degrees or kinds of the Knowledge of natural things' interspersed by 'Explications by real Qualities and substantial Formes' (fol. 186).
Fols. 188-9 (3 leaves): Extract from Wallis' Opera Mathematica concerning Euclid.
Fols. 190-5 (6 leaves): MS version of section 7 of Essay I of Usefulness, II, sect. 2.
Fols. 196-203 (8 leaves): Latin treatise attacking van Helmont in favour of Paracelsus.
Fol. 204 (1 leaf): Text concerning 'judiciary astrology' and celestial influences.
Fol. 205 (1 leaf): Copy of first three paragraphs of published text of 'Natural History of a Country' (Phil. Trans., 1666).
Fols. 206-7 (2 leaves): 'A Fragment of The Aspireing Naturalist (A Philosophical Romance)'.
Fols. 208-9 (2 leaves): List of scientific projects/desiderata.
Fols. 210-212 (3 leaves): Sections of text, including introductory comments to 'Cogitationes Physicae'