Boyle Papers Volume 28

Extent: 412 pages
Date: Late 17th century
Description: Folio-size volume; paginated; 19th-century contents leaf: Science
Physical description: Manuscript
Note: At p. 296, a slip of paper has been tipped in. Pages 341-2 are accidentally omitted from pagination. At p. 371 a slip of paper has been tipped in with text on both sides.

Pp. 1-98 (49 leaves): 'Memoirs for the Natural History of Tin': introduction, followed by pages with headings, with occasional passages of text inserted.
Pp. 99-108 (5 leaves): Section of text of Medicina Chromatica.
Pp. 109-16 (4 leaves): MS version of parts of Human Blood.
Pp. 117-20 (2 leaves): Copied extracts, including copy of cure for ague signed by William Smith, curate of Deptford, and given to Boyle by Evelyn.
Pp. 121-207 (44 leaves): Unpublished Latin translation of part of Christ. Virt., I.
Pp. 209-35 (14 leaves): MS version of part of Usefulness, II, sect. 1.
Pp. 237-56 (10 leaves): MS version of part of Effluviums.
Pp. 257-8 (1 leaf): Latin text and mathematical equations: propositions '33' and '34'; endorsed 'Ex Euclid Elementorum lib. (?), pag. 478, 479'.
Pp. 259-63 (3 leaves): Fragments of a set of notes on cold, many with information provided by Samuel Collins.
Pp. 265-75 (6 leaves): Fragment of Boyle's 'Essay on Spontaneous Generation'.
Pp. 277-83 (4 leaves): Miscellaneous reports, observations, recipes and memoranda, at least some of them extracts from (lost) workdiaries.
Pp. 285-91 (4 leaves): Experiments concerning atmospheric pressure.
Pp. 293-6 (2 leaves): Material relating to Usefulness.
Pp. 297-9 (2 leaves): Latin extracts from an 'Oration'.
Pp. 301-7 (4 leaves): MS version of part of Effluviums.
Pp. 309-11 (2 leaves): 'Memorialls Philosophical Beginning this Newyears day 1649/50 & to End with the Year. And so, by God's Permission, to be annually continu'd during my Life': [Workdiary 6].
Pp. 313-6 (2 leaves): MS version of experiment 45 of Spring, 1st Continuation.
Pp. 317-26 (5 leaves): Latin accounts of experiments and recipes, including lengthy account of producing purified salts and spirits.
Pp. 327-30 (2 leaves): Fragment of MS version of text of Usefulness, II, sect. 1.
Pp. 331 (1 leaf): 'Ratio extrahendi ex omnibus Metallis, Mercurium Paracelsum'.
P. 333 (1 leaf): Two scraps of paper giving key to chemicals numbered 20-41 and 76-108.
P. 335-6 (1 leaf): Material relating to Spring, 1st Continuation.
Pp. 337-40 (2 leaves): Recipes for chymical processes [Workdiary 31].
Pp. 343-71 (16 leaves): Various sections of text, interspersed by recipes, some on pasted in slips.
Pp. 373-5 (2 leaves): Fragment of Latin translation of 'Heat and Cold' (Mechanical Qualities).
Pp. 377-80 (2 leaves): Material relating to Usefulness, II, sect. 1.
Pp. 381-90 (5 leaves): MS version of part of Usefulness, II, sect. 2.
Pp. 391-4 (2 leaves): MS version of part of Spring, 1st Continuation.
P. 395 (1 leaf): Material relating to Spring, 1st Continuation.
Pp. 397-8 (1 leaf): Recipes for jewellers' cement.
Pp. 399-402 (2 leaves): 'A Summary Account Of my whole Designe concerning Vegetables', including lists of matters to be considered (incomplete).
Pp. 403-4 (1 leaf): List of headings 'Of Fermentation'.
Pp. 405-6 (1 leaf): List of things to remember and 'Particulars belonging to the Scepticall Chymist'.
P. 407 (1 leaf): French paper concerning navigational skills of Sr. Guillet.
Pp. 409-12 (2 leaves): Notes on production of 'Glasse of Antim[ony]', etc., and 'Author's Tincture'.