Boyle Papers Volume 25

Extent: 444 pages
Date: Late 17th century
Description: Folio-size volume; paginated; 19th-century contents leaf: Science
Physical description: Manuscript
Note: The following wholly blank openings are omitted: pp. 220-221, 262-263, 334-335, 338-339, 408-409, 444 [final page].
The leaf comprising pp. 337-8 has been folded so as not to protrude from the volume, and '337' has erroneously been written on what is really 338.

Pp. 1-18 (9 leaves): Remarks about natural history in the form of a letter to Henry Oldenburg.
Pp. 19-34 (8 leaves): Unpublished Latin translation of 'Differing Pressure of Heavy Solids and Fluids' (Flame and Air).
Pp. 35-41 (4 leaves): Unpublished Latin translation of 'Positive or Relative Levity of Bodies under Water' (Flame and Air).
Pp. 43-50 (4 leaves): Unpublished Latin translation of 'Pressure of the Air's Spring on Bodies under water' (Flame and Air).
Pp. 51-70 (10 leaves): 'Chimical Notes Continued from December': [Workdiary 34].
Pp. 71-4 (2 leaves): 'A Continuation of Chymical Notes Sept. the 29th' [Workdiary 23, part 1].
Pp. 75-86 (6 leaves): 'Chimical Memorandums continued from January 25' [Workdiary 35].
Pp. 87-94 (4 leaves): [Workdiary 23, part 2].
Pp. 95-111 (8 leaves): Latin translation of part of Exp. & Obs. Physicae.
Pp. 113-22 (5 leaves): Latin passages relating to 'Strange Reports' comprising dated observations and introductory remarks.
Pp. 123-25 (2 leaves): Fragment of unpublished Latin translation of Christ. Virt. I.
Pp. 127-35(5 leaves): Part of 'Thoughts and Observations about the Generation of Mineralls'.
Pp. 137-44 (4 leaves): 'De Motu Corporum ex mutuo impulsu Hypothesis'.
Pp. 145-52 (4 leaves): 'Archimedes Equations of a Sphaere, and Cylinder, their Surfaces & Solids', with a cover-note (p.145) in the form of a letter from Robert Wood to George Tollet.
Pp. 153-6 (2 leaves): 'Promiscuous Observations begun the 24th of September 1655' [Workdiary 13, part 1].
Pp. 157-60 (2 leaves): 'A Private Philosophical Diary' [Workdiary 14].
Pp. 161-4 (2 leaves): 'My Private Philosophicall Diary Begun this First of Jan. 1656-7' [Workdiary 16].
Pp. 165-76 (6 leaves): 'Philosophicall Collections begun the 12th of September 1656' [Workdiary 15, part 1].
Pp. 177-83 (4 leaves): 'Promiscuous Observations begun the 24th of September 1655' [Workdiary 13, part 2].
Pp. 185-215 (15 leaves): Latin translation of list of heads and opening section of 'Dialogue on the Generation and Transmutation of Metals'.
Pp. 217-24 (4 leaves): Introductory material to 'Paralipomena'.
Pp. 225-54 (15 leaves): 'Memoirs & Paralipomena the 2nd Tome'.
Pp. 255-61 (4 leaves): Two copies of Latin notes on metals.
Pp. 262-72 (6 leaves): List of topics concerning natural history of water, list of proposed experiments and extracts from French geographical books.
Pp. 273-82 (5 leaves): Information recorded from the Imperial ambassador and members of his entourage concerning the transmutation of gold performed by J. W. Seiler, one with the date 'June 26' in margin, with further extract added from letter from St George Ashe to the Royal Society, July 1691.
Pp. 283-307 (12 leaves): Material relating to the 'Dialogue on the Generation and Transmutation of Metals', part one (Pp. 287-303), including list of heads (p. 305), etc.
Pp. 309-14 (3 leaves): Miscellaneous notes and recipes.
Pp. 315-20 (3 leaves): Prefatory material to a paper on the use of alchemical processes (Pp. 315-7) and definition of spirit (p. 319).
Pp. 321-26 (3 leaves): Manuscript version of 'Strangely Self-moving Liquor' (Phil. Trans. 1685).
Pp. 327-8 (1 leaf): Notes on experiment with aqua fortis and quicksilver.
Pp. 329-36 (4 leaves): Perfume recipes 'out of Mr. Evelyns Booke of Receipts &'.
Pp. 337-40 (2 leaves): Letter from 'George, Patriarch of Antioch' to Boyle.
Pp. 341-2 (1 leaf): [Workdiary 7].
Pp. 343-6 (2 leaves): 'Memorialls Philosophicall. Beginning this First day of the Yeare 1651/52' [Workdiary 8].
Pp. 347-58 (6 leaves): [Workdiary 9].
Pp. 359-62 (2 leaves): [Workdiary 10].
Pp. 363-5 (2 leaves): Notes on loadstones.
Pp. 367-85 (10 leaves): Recipes for scented tobacco, toothpaste, invisible ink, etc.
Pp. 387-90 (2 leaves): 'Certain observations Concerning the shinning [sic] of Sea Water'.
Pp. 391-4 (2 leaves): List of 'Observations to be made' and 'Tryalls to be made' concerning shining Wood'.
Pp. 395-410 (8 leaves): Sections of text concerning shining substances and sea salt.
Pp. 411-17 (4 leaves): Fragment of Boyle's 'Essay on Spontaneous Generation'.
Pp. 419-21 (2 leaves): Further account of Seiler's transmutation Degradation of Gold.
Pp. 423-6 (2 leaves): 'A Conjecture at the Causes of the real Virtues of Gems & medicinall stones'.
Pp. 427-32 (3 leaves): 'Doctor Wallys's Account of Dr. Goddards Experiment made at Gresham-Colledge, about weighing of Glas[s]-canes with the Cylinders of quicksilver, standing in them, according to the Torricellean Experiment'.
Pp. 433-6 (2 leaves): 'Praeparatio Salis marini &c': account of experiments with salt, etc.
Pp. 437-42 (3 leaves): Diagrams of 'a Mercuriall Furnace'.
P. 443 (1 leaf): Brief note on generation and transmutation of stones.