Document Title: MS version of parts of section I Final Causes.
Related Material: Works, vol. 11,pp. 85-9 (with gaps), 94-5.
Extent: Fols. 42-6 (5 leaves)
Date: 1670s
Description: Paragraphs reordered before printing but only minor changes in wording: (i) first paragraph added in margin of fol. 42r/v. (ii) part of second paragraph on top of fol. 43. (iii) end of ninth paragraph on fol. 43. (iv) first half of tenth paragraph on fol. 42. (v) twelfth paragraph and first half of thirteenth paragraph on fols. 43-5. (vi) most of final paragraph on fols. 45-6.
Hand: Warr
Physical Description: Manuscript
Language: English

Archive reference: BP 10, fol. 42v-43r< Previous image | Next image >

Boyle Papers Volume 10 Fol. 42v-43r