We here present a complete set of images of the core volumes of the Boyle Papers at the Royal Society. The volumes that are available are listed to the left. These represent a selection from the Boyle Papers chosen for the importance of the material within them. For the content of the rest of the archive, see the online catalogue at

To view the images, first select a volume. This will lead you to a list giving the title and extent of all the documents in it.

Volume 2 Volume 8 Volume 9 Volume 10 Volume 17 Volume 18 Volume 25 Volume 26 Volume 28 Volume 36 Volume 38

In the list, click on the document that you wish to see. This will bring up an image of the first opening of the document in question. Accompanying this is a full description of the item, taken from the catalogue of the Boyle Papers. After the title, this tells you whether the document is published and, if so, where. For details of the texts cited in this section, see Abbreviations. The rest of the description gives details of date, handwriting, etc. For further elucidation, see Notes on Catalogue.

To view images of further openings of the document, click on 'Next image'. You can then navigate backwards and forwards by using 'Next image' or 'Previous image'. The description stays on the screen for each image of the document.

To select another document, return to the Index of Boyle Papers volumes and click on the required document.

For hints on the kind of material available in the online volumes, see Pathways for the study of the digitised Boyle manuscripts.

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