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Notes from the General Meeting 4th June 2020

General Meeting

Thursday 4th June 2020

Online meeting attended by between 42 and 49 members


John Kelly Chaired the Meeting with Tanya Serisier managing the communication


Item 1: The National Dispute

John Kelly updated members.

On Friday 15th May the Higher Education Committee (HEC) asked us to consider the employers’ final offer. We were asked either to accept and settle the ongoing dispute or reject and proceed to a late June reballot. We were given 5 days to respond and sent an all members email to which 100 members responded, 2 to 1 in favour to accept.

At the following national meeting the time was taken up with Covid issues and there was no time to discuss the dispute.

The HCE put the following options to delegates:

1-      Consult- do members wish to accept and move on or reject and reballot?

2-      Who should make the final decision, HEC, a special congress, members, national executive?

3-      If we reject, when should we have a ballot?

4-      If we accept who should decide how it is implemented locally?


Most branches had not been asked before the meeting so had not had time to consult their branch or consider their answers to 2,3 and 4.

HEC now has a new membership, elected this year, so it is unclear how they will vote. Across all branches there was no consensus.

It was agreed that we need to wait until after the next meeting and have a committee meeting before we discuss further.







Item 2: Local Negotiations

We have so far secured an agreement to extension the T&S staff contracts until July.

The college has also agreed to look in to a redeployment scheme but we have no details yet. This potentially allows us to draft in people to ease academic pressure caused by online teaching.

We are pushing for the college to cancel strike pay deductions. The college has said they would do a partial cancellation. No details yet as to how they will work this out and we intend to push back and keep asking for a full cancellation.

Staff have not been given extensions on marking and there are concerns about workload increase for example the digital education training programme of 150.


Item 3: Motions

Motion 1 (attached):

We have a high number of casualised staff.

The motion highlights the need to build solidarity and support for casualised staff.

We also want to show solidarity with other branches such as Exeter University who have slashed TA roles and hired online interns for example.

Having this motion supported by full time academic members will help when we sit down with management discussing the redeployment scheme.


It was agreed that point 5 of the motion was ambiguous and we will need to explain what members can and cannot do.

Motion 1: Carried nem con



Motion 2 (attached):

This motion states that it is an important time to strengthen branch communication as most of this is now moving to digital content and online meetings. It calls for more information to be available online and for an online communications group to be established.


Motion 2: Carried nem con