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Committee Minutes 24th June 2020

Minutes of the UCU Committee 24 June 2020, 11.00 -12.30


Present: Alex, Ashok, Andy, Eleni, Eva, John, Mike, Paddy, Rebecca, Richard, Tanya

Apologies: Andi, Simon, Trevor


1. Report from negotiations

Negotiators reported on the progress made around discussions of management’s job protection document. There was a variety of concerns expressed in the meeting, in particular about groups that were potentially excluded and about the college’s narrow focus on legal responsibility.


Action point: Negotiators to revise their draft response to management and submit it Wed afternoon.


2. Strike pay deductions

Negotiators reported on the college reluctance to do more than partially offset pay lost on strike days. The committee seemed to favour reiteration of the original demand, i.e. to cancel all pay deductions for all strikers but there was also some discussion about the pros and cons of a fallback position such as deductions only for higher-paid colleagues. There was also discussion about the consequences of simply rejecting management’s offer. It was also noted that the college had still not responded to our request for information about the numbers of staff and the amount of money involved.


Action points: Negotiators to press management for information and then review the situation with an option to bring the issue to the AGM.


3. AGM

We discussed arrangements for the meeting time, the notice and election of officers, as well as the agenda. It was agreed to include job protection and workload as agenda items to encourage a good turnout.


Action point: JK to circulate AGM notice and agenda asap.


4. Branch communications

There was a brief discussion about this issue in light of the general meeting motion and Chrys’ offer of involvement was noted and will be followed up.


Action point: Chrys to be approached and a small group to be set up.


5. Fund the Future Campaign

Briefly discussed and it was agreed to submit a motion to the AGM.


Action point: JK to draft and circulate a motion.


6. AOB

We discussed the ‘Questions for your line manager document’ and it was agreed we would like at it once more and make any final amendments before circulation.

Action point: Eleni to send final version to Julia or John for circulation to the membership.