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AGM Minutes 2017

Birkbeck UCU AGM Thurs 22 June 2017 Minutes


Present: Brad Baxter, Mike Berlin, Richard Carabine, RCo, Simon Deville, Rebecca Gumbrell McCormmick, SHa, Sophie Hope, John Kelly, SL, Nick Pronger, Barry Jones, Andy Young


Apologies: Alex Colas, Christina Delistathi, Linda Milbourne


1. Disputes, action and winning


Discussion introduced by Andy Young on recent disputes, including LSE, where divisions between members of Unison and other organizations such as IWGB, have complicated collective action, negotiation and solidarity.


2. Improving pay and conditions for T&S staff


MB reported the plan to submit a wide-ranging claim on the pay and conditions of T&S staff. In discussion it was noted we need not only to improve the existing contract but also to ensure its enforcement. Also noted that the college is vulnerable on teaching issues because it only just managed to secure a Bronze rating in the 2017 TEF rankings.


3. HE pay: an update


Andy Young reported on Congress rejection of the employers’ ‘final’ offer of 1.7% but noted uncertainty about the most appropriate forms of action given the poor record of one-day strikes. An industrial action commission has been created and will report in the autumn at about the same time as a special conference. It was suggested that members should again be asked their views on the pay issue in light of the new situation post-election.


4. UCU Congress


RGM reported on the issues discussed at Congress including solidarity with Turkish academics.


5. Reports


The President and Treasurer Reports were both noted and the meeting agreed to freeze local subscription rates at last year’s levels.


6. Elections


Joint Presidents: Mike Berlin and John Kelly (MB indicated he would not be standing next year)

Vice-President: Christina Delistathi

Treasurer: John Kelly

Membership: Simon Deville

Equality: Rebecca Gumbrell-McCormmick 

Health and safety: Richard Carabine

Environment: Vacant

Welfare: Rebecca Gumbrell-McCormmick

Pensions: Nick Pronger

Learning: Kerry Harman

Part-time and hourly paid: Vacant

Other committee members: Brad Baxter, Trevor Fenner, Sophie Hope, Linda Milbourne, Paul Watt


7. AOB


There was discussion of the imminent pensions dispute.