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Need help?

Contact you departmental rep or our administrator Julia on  

There is also useful information on the national UCU Support Centre - see 

How can you help us to respond to your case better?

If you decide that your case is urgent or more than just a request for informal advice, please email Birkbeck UCU as well as the Welfare officer - directly. Please email us with the following information which will help us respond to you as quickly as we can and locate the best casework advisor.


  • Name, department, email and telephone contact
  • Confirm UCU membership
  • Whether your post is academic, academic related, teaching & scholarship, administrative, etc
  • A brief description of the nature of your concern (e.g. reduced hours / potential redundancy / equalities issues / location on pay spine / grievance / complaint...)
  • How you think Birkbeck UCU can help you


Alternatively you can complete the form below:
casework information proforma - you will need to assemble the information here to take most issues forward.

How we can help

We can often provide initial guidance and will aim to respond to you within a few days. If you need more sustained support we may ask for more information and then put you in touch with the most appropriate Committee member to help. This will normally be someone from a different department from yourself.

In addition, UCU subscribes to Recourse - see - a charity providing practical and emotional support to staff in HE. If you need to discuss your problem with someone outside Birkbeck or UCU then you can call their confidential Support Line on 0808 802 03 04. You don't have to give your name unless you want to.

Not a UCU member or thinking of joining?

If you are not currently a UCU member, or you join to gain assistance, UCU cannot provide help or representation immediately. There is a 90 day membership qualifying period for access to UCU legal advice and to local union representation and assistance. Equally, employment issues which pre-date UCU membership registration are not eligible for formal assistance. However, we can sometimes offer brief informal advice.

We are all volunteers!

UCU Committee members and representatives are all volunteers. Our union roles and tasks are in addition to our 'day jobs'. Our work benefits individual members and Birkbeck as an institution, through promoting fairer policies and management, and better organisational health and democracy.

We need your help too!

Union membership is about contributing as well as taking. The union and its support to you will only be as good as you make it. So we also need you to get involved now.

If you need help you can: