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Networking events

Training workshops are organised for women on developing effective networks, both internal and external to their organisation. Awareness-raising sessions are being implemented for established scientists, both males and females, on obstacles hindering women’s participation in relevant “strong-ties” networks, and how this limits their potential scientific contribution to the detriment of all, so to promote authoritative and active support in favouring their inclusion.

  • First networking event, March 2015, Improving gender equality in work
  • Second networking event, May 2015, Career paths, gender and early stage careers
  • Third networking event, July 2015, Adapting to changing career priorities
  • Fourth networking event, October 2015, Gender equality in entrepreneurship policy: looking to the future
  • Fifth networking event, November 2015, Gender, entrepreneurship and innovation
  • Sixth networking event, March 2016, Growing your ecosystem
  • Seventh networking event, June 2016, Aspiring Professors and Managers
  • Eighth networking event, September 2016, Goal-setting for early career women
  • Ninth networking event, November 2nd 2016, Improving gender equality in STEMM disciplines
  • Tenth networking event, November 3rd 2016, Established STEMM professor network Launch

Improving gender equality in STEMM

On November 2 2016, TRIGGER invited at Birkbeck an audience of professionals, academics and students to consider what we can learn from academia and the corporate sector to improve gender equality in career development in STEMM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics and Medicine) disciplines.

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University of London established STEMM professors network Launch event

In collaboration with Birkbeck Athena SWAN Team, the TRIGGER Project is holding a Networking & Roundtable Event for the University of London established female professors in the STEMM’s field

This event is designed to enable discussion and rapport building through sharing experiences, life situation and guided roundtable discussions. Topics discussed by the participants will include career progression (aspiration & limitation), analysing gender specific limitations & solutions, growing you reputation and what does success mean to you.

TRIGGER First Early Career Seminar: Goal-setting for women working in a professional environment

Too often, women have to put their broader life goals in the shade in order to pursue their career. This is neither necessary, nor is it sustainable.  TRIGGER’s First Early Career Seminar addressed some of the underlying tensions that exist which make it harder for women to pursue a clear and balanced set of goals for themselves and their work.

In an engaging and interactive workshop, board mentor Dr Andrew Atter discussed why goal-setting can be so hard together with strategies both women and men can use to formulate a balanced set of goals for themselves; then influence their environment to enable those goals to become a reality.

Aspiring Professor/Manager – what can aspiring professors/managers learn from those already in those positions?

The networking event is designed to inspire aspiring professors and managers through hearing about the experiences of professors and directors. The panel’s speakers will reflect on what inspired them to become a professor/director and what their aspirations now are as a professor/director. Topics discussed by the panelists will include career progression, aspirations & current and future career purpose.  Panelists included Chair,  Belinda Brookes Gordon (Birkbeck), Professor Sarah Hart (Birkbeck), Professor Simona Immarino (LSE) and Teresa Hawes (Birkbeck).

Growing Your Ecosystem

The TRIGGER project in association with the School of Science held an event with guest speaker Miranda Weston-Smith.  Miranda spoke on the subject of Growing Your Ecosystem.  Miranda helps early stage biomedical businesses attract investment and develop their business strategy. She founded and runs BioBeat, a programme to inspire the next wave of bio-entrepreneurs and business leaders.

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Gender, entrepreneurship and innovation

This event is designed to explore the various challenges and opportunities associated with academic entrepreneurship and innovation from a gender perspective (University of Lund, November 30th, 2015). The panel’s speakers will reflect on if and why changes are necessary, what changes have been introduced, the outcome of these changes, and what still needs to happen to improve gender equality. Invited speakers represent entrepreneurs and inventors, as well as university management and policy makers. The diversity of speakers will ensure there are opportunities for learning for all.

Among the panellists: Professor Asa Lindholm Dahlstrand; Professor Helen Lawton Smith; Professor Carin Holmquist; Professor Per Eriksson; Helena Ljusberg; Dr Cristina Glad; Dr Linnea Taylor; Professor Henry Etzkowitz.

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Gender equality in entrepreneurship policy: looking to the future

This is a panel event exploring entrepreneurship policy from a gender perspective (Dundalk, October 22nd, 2015). The panel’s speakers will reflect on the extent to which women entrepreneurs globally face different challenges to their male counterparts, and discuss whether different support policies are needed. Drawing on their own knowledge, research and experience, they will discuss some novel ideas for future entrepreneurship policies designed to encourage more women entrepreneurs.
This discussion is being organized as part of the Global WEP (Women’s Enterprise Policy) project led by Dundalk Instiute of Technology and the University of Ulster.

Among the participants: Professor Colette Henry, Dundalk Institute of Technology, Editor International Journal of Gender and Entrepreneurship (Welcome and Introduction); Professor Helen Lawton Smith, TRIGGER Project Director (Chair); Ms Jean O’Sullivan, Enterprise Ireland; Professor Barbara Orser, University of Ottawa, Canada; Professor Bill O’Gorman, Waterford Institute of Technology, Ireland; Professor Lene Foss, University of Tromsø, Norway; Ms Roseann Kelly, Women in Business Northern Ireland.

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Adapting to changing career priorities

The event is designed as an informal seminar for students, research, professional and academic staff at Birkbeck. This will be facilitated by Dr. Carol Small, former Director at Deutsche Bank and Senior Lecturer at Birkbeck College until 1995. She has worked in Computing since 1977 in a wide variety of roles and organisations.

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Career paths, gender and early stage careers

The second networking event, Career paths, gender and early stage careers: learning from others and maximizing potential (Dundalk, May 21st, 2015) is designed to explore the various challenges and opportunities associated with career planning and progression in academia from a gender perspective. The panel’s speakers will reflect on what strategies might be adopted by individuals at various stages in their careers in order to maximize career potential. The panel will also consider whether there are lessons to be learned from other organisations.

Participants: Professor Helen Lawton Smith, Birkbeck London & TRIGGER Project Director (Welcome and Introduction); Professor Colette Henry, Dundalk Institute of Technology (Chair). Among the panellists: Professor Nola Hewitt-Dundas, Queen’s University Management School; Dr. Viviana Meschitti, TRIGGER Project, Birkbeck, London; Ms Amanda Kirk, Careers Office, Dundalk Institute of Technology; Ms Shirley McCay, UK Trade & Investment, British Embassy.

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Improving gender equality in work

The first networking event, “Improving gender equality in work – what can we learn from London’s business and policy organisations?” (Birkbeck, March 18th 2015). It aimed to bring together academics and practitioners from different fields to discuss how to foster gender equality in the workplace. The panel has been chaired by Professor Colette Henry (Dundalk Institute of Technology). Among the speakers, Jo Beill (London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham and Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea); Nicola Cardwell (PwC); Professor Henry Etzkowitz (Stanford University); Sue Johnson (Greater London Authority); Professor Nick Keep (Birkbeck); Jeanne Le Roux (JLR People Solutions Ltd); Siobhan Martin (Mercer).

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