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This section details a number of TRIGGER activities, promoting and enabling gender equality.

These activities encompass events, panel discussions, workshops, training, mentoring and all together should permit to tackle the challenge of fostering gender equality in academia.

  1. Birkbeck leaders speak: Birkbeck leaders have been interviewed to ask them about the importance of gender equality. Among them, the Master and the President of Birkbeck.
  2. Commercialisation of research: encouraging opportunities for the commercialisation of women’s work in research and innovation.
  3. Science Development Programme: training researchers on strategic competences such as teamwork, leadership, promotion of one’s own profile and achievements, career planning.
  4. Training on the gendered aspects of research, for PhD students, researchers and professors in the School of Science.
  5. Leadership programme: creating opportunities for fostering women's leadership development.
  6. Mentoring programme for all academic, research and teaching staff at Birkbeck, in the framework of Athena SWAN.
  7. Networking events, open to the public, to provide a platform for discussing about gender equality with experts coming from different fields.
  8. PhD seminars to enable postgraduate students to understand the dynanmics between gender identity, doing research on gender, and planning one's own career.

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