Milan Glendza Petrovic Njegos

Milan Glendza Petrovic Njegos

Position: Researcher in Physics and Mathematics

Area: Theoretical Physics Research Unit

Office location:

Rm 730, 7th Floor, Theoretical Physics Research Unit,

Birkbeck College, Malet Street, London, WC1E 7HX


Fields of Interest:


  Foundations of quantum physics: interpretations, quantum information, entanglement, thermal quantum field theories, quantum groups and Hopf algebras

  Non-commutative structures: orthogonal and symplectic Clifford algebras, metalinear and metaplectic structures.

  Process and new orders: mathematical expressions for implicate and explicate orders.  Relevance of these structures to quantum processes, biological systems and the mind/matter relationship.

  Cominatorics and Categorial Logic

  Computer Algebra (AXIOM, MAPLE)

  Applications of Mathematics in Biophysics


My interest is in mathematical structures and categorical logic. I am working on algebraic thermal quantum field theory.