Astor Papers

This section contains an introduction and a small sample of material from the larger archives of the Columbus Centre. The Centre was initiated and funded by David Astor and directed by Norman Cohn with the aim of investigating Nazism, the Holocaust and related question. An outline of its purposes and publication is contained in the first document below. These documents are reproduced her by kind permission of Richard and Bridget Astor.

An introduction to the Astor Papers by Gabriel DenvirThis is an external link

The documents below are PDF files, which open in new browser windows. These documents are large and take longer to dowload.


A brief history of the Columbus Centre by Norman Cohn

Outline of a conference proposal to be sponsored by the Columbus Trust

Memorandum covering the administration, methodology and themes of the project prepared by Norman Cohn

Minutes of a Meeting of the Columbus Trust 10-11 November 1962

The 'Cold War' by David Astor, 1962

Committee structure of the Columbus Trust

List of meetings and memoranda

David Astor, 'Towards a Study of the Scourge', Encounter, August 1962.This is an external link