About Us


We are a team of researchers from Birkbeck and Kings College London:

Dr. Tim J. Smith (Principle Investigator)

Dr. Rachael Bedford (Co-Investigator)

Ana Maria Portugal (PhD Student)

Claire Essex (MSc Student)

Dr. Teodora Gliga (Affiliated member)

Dr. Celeste Cheung (Former Post-Doc; Affiliate member)

Prof. Annette Karmiloff-Smith (Former Co-Investigator)

Dr. Irati R. Saez De Urabain (Affiliated member)

Hamish Cloke (Research Assistant)

Megan Tongs (Research Assistant)


Past MSc Students

  • Cathy Rogers (MSc Educational Neuroscience)
  • Shaili Shah (MSc)
  • Zuber Mohamed (MSc)

Past BSc Students

  • Hannah Downing (BSc Psycholgy)
  • Mariam Saeedi (BSc Psycholgy)

Past Research Assistants

  • Abby Hedrick (CAPA Placement Intern)
  • Bailey Wristen (CAPA Placement Intern, University of Colorado Boulder)
  • Chasity Ricker (CAPA Placement Intern)
  • Elenamaria Minniti (CAPA Placement Intern, UC Davis)
  • Huda Omar (CAPA Placement Intern. University of Minnesota)
  • Julia Tager (CAPA Placement Intern, UMass Amherst)
  • Kylie Hillock (CAPA Placement Intern)


The TABLET project is funded by a Philip Leverhulme Prize from the Leverhulme Trust awarded to Dr. Tim J. Smith and a Wellcome Trust Provision for Public Engagement awarded to Dr. Rachael Bedford.