Techniques in Structural Molecular Biology (Postgraduate Certificate)

Year of entry


Start date

October 2018


Distance learning


Fully Approved


One year part-time


Six to 12 hours a week by distance learning, October to July

This postgraduate programme provides you with a theoretical background for the techniques commonly used in structural biology. It has been designed for scientists wishing to update their knowledge, or as part of the background studies of research students, particularly those whose undergraduate studies were in a different area.

Structural biology allows you to understand how macromolecules work at the atomic level of detail. This is important particularly in designing drugs that act at the molecular level to affect macromolecules. Increasingly, research uses a range of complementary biophysical and structural techniques to study protein-protein interactions. This requires that researchers have some understanding of what all these techniques can achieve. This programme is designed to give the theoretical background required to use this range of methods.

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