Linguistics and Language (French, German, Japanese, Spanish) (Certificate in Higher Education): 2-year, part-time

Year of entry


Start date

October 2017


Central London


Fully Approved


Two years part-time


Two evenings a week

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As the science of language, linguistics studies everything to do with language, including how language is structured, how it develops in children, the ways in which it reflects society and culture, how it defines individuals and groups, and how it changes over time.

This course allows you to reflect on the nature and functions of language and analyse language data from social, cultural, psychological and theoretical perspectives at one of the world's top research-intensive universities. You will also learn a language from beginner level (French, German, Italian, Japanese or Spanish), which will enable you to communicate in a variety of social and work situations. No prior knowledge of the language is required.

The programme has five possible routes, so that you graduate with one of the following awards based on which language you choose to study:

  • Certificate in Higher Education Linguistics and French
  • Certificate in Higher Education Linguistics and German
  • Certificate in Higher Education Linguistics and Italian
  • Certificate in Higher Education Linguistics and Japanese
  • Certificate in Higher Education Linguistics and Spanish.
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Course structure

You must complete four core modules over two years on a part-time basis.

In your first year, you take both the Approaches to Study (Level 4) and the Language Level 1 or Language Level 2 (Level 4) module, depending on your proficiency in the language.

In your second year, you take both the Approaches to Language (Level 4) module and the Language Level 2 (Level 4) or Language Level 3 (Level 5) module, depending on which language module you took in your first year.

Please note you can only study one language on this certificate.

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Year 1 core module

Year 1 Language Level 1 modules (choose 1)

Year 1 Language Level 2 modules (choose 1)

Year 2 core module

Year 2 Language Level 2 modules (choose 1)

Year 2 Language Level 3 modules (choose 1)

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