Ancient History - The Roman World

The aim of this course is to provide a basic knowledge of the history of the Roman world, with a focus on the Roman Republic and Empire.

The module is taught via a series of lectures (from an undergraduate module) and a dedicated seminar; and therefore may be particularly appropriate for those considering a future transition to BA study.

Lectures are arranged thematically and chronologically, and are followed by classes focusing on a particular aspect of the subject or dealing with sources related to the subject. You will be introduced to different kinds of evidence from the ancient world, including texts, archaeological remains, and art.

Topics covered:
1. Introduction - the Roman constitution
2. Imperial expansion
3. The late Republic - politics
4. The late Republic - decline?
5. Augustus
6. Nero
7. Men and women
8. Trajan and the army
9. Freedmen and freedwomen
10. Religion

15 credits at level 4

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First class: Wed 10-Jan-18 6pm-8pm

Class location Central London
Class code SSHC425H4AAA
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