Discovering Archaeology: History and Methods

The course will consider the development of the subject of archaeology to identify the main themes and traditional approaches of the discipline.

Using examples from Britain and abroad, we will explore how archaeological materials and sites are identified, how they may be characterised and interpreted, and dated. We will then examine the different approaches for investigating archaeological sites and their contexts, and critically evaluate these differing approaches.

Course elements:

  • Introduction to archaeology: what is it, its history and the development of thought about the past.
  • How do we know the age of sites and artefacts?
  • Field practice: what is a site, methods for identifying sites, aerial photography, geophysics, remote sensing, earthwork survey, landscape approaches, standing buildings, GIS and predictive modelling, assessment and excavation methods.

15 credits at level 4

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First class: Thu 12-Oct-17 6pm-8pm

Class location Central London
Class code SSHC166H4ACB
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