Rethinking Japan: Introduction to Modern Japanese Society and Culture (Level 4)

You will gain a critical understanding of crucial aspects of Japan's modern cultural and social history, and learn some of the main ways of exploring Japanese history and culture, especially its cultural products. You will be introduced to key texts - historical, literary, visual, cinematic and theoretical - which represent and chart 2 central developments: Japan's emergence as a modern, 'Westernised', powerful and imperialistic nation-state (in the early 20th century); and Japan's post-war transformation into a high-tech consumer society (1945-present).

We will consider notions of 'Japaneseness' and changing ideas about national and cultural identity, with which Japan has sought to position itself in relation to the West and Asia. We will also scrutinise Western images of Japan and the 'Far East'.

Some of the topics considered include Japan as a nation and community, identity in modern Japan, Japan in Asia, Western images of Japan, multicultural Japan and gender in Japan.

Classes are offered on Mondays 7.30pm-9pm (Terms 1 and 2) in central London, starting in the week commencing Monday 3 October 2016.

This Short Course can be taken as a stand-alone course or it may be available as part of a Certificate of Higher Education.

30 credits at level 4

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First class: Mon 02-Oct-17 7.30pm-9pm

Class location Central London
Class code LNLN023S4AAA

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