Imagining France: An Introduction to French Studies

This course introduces you to key artefacts - literary, philosophical and socio-political - from French and francophone culture from the early-modern period right up to the present day. We shall consider why these artefacts (some canonical, others more 'alternative') may be considered important for understanding what is meant or imagined by 'Frenchness', past and present. Moving across centuries, genres and disciplines from early-modern philosophical fiction to 20th-century political writing (with maps, short stories and novels along the way), all the material we cover is linked by its preoccupation with France's various definitions in opposition to 'foreignness'. The course will also incorporate a number of study skills sessions (on essay writing, commentary and referencing).

This Short Course can be taken as a stand-alone course or it may be available as part of a Certificate of Higher Education.

30 credits at level 4

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First class: Mon 02-Oct-17 7.30pm-9pm

Class location Central London
Class code LNLN022S4AAA

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