Making Financial Decisions

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This course introduces the principles, role, scope and limitations of financial and management accounting in organisations, from the viewpoint of managers, with the aim of helping you make better financial decisions.

This Short Course can be taken as a stand-alone course or it may be available as part of a Certificate of Higher Education.

Learning objectives

This course aims to:

  • Introduce the terminology used by accountants, and the framework within which they work
  • Provide an understanding of the accounting system up to and including a basic set of final accounts for a sole trader
  • Provide an understanding of some basic costing methods, such as absorption costing and cost-volume-profile analysis and break even analysis
  • Introduce the budgeting process in larger organisations and the implications for management
  • Examine a set of accounts for a FTSE-listed limited company and consider their contents and what they mean
  • Consider the analysis of company accounts, and their use in ratio and the calculations of key performance indicators
  • Consider the role of accounting in the management and strategic development of organisations.

15 credits at level 4

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