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Computer Science and Information Systems (MPhil / PhD)

Programme status: Fully Approved

The research programme leads to either an MPhil or PhD degree. Both research degrees involve individual study of a specific research problem. For a student to be awarded a PhD, the research work must have resulted in a significant original contribution to the field of study; this is not required for an MPhil. You would initially register for an MPhil degree with transfer to PhD after satisfactorily completing an initial period of study if it seems likely that your thesis will contain significant original work.

Students who successfully complete this MPhil or PhD degree will have gained expert knowledge in their chosen research area and the ability to perform research-led activities in a broader context. In addition, students who successfully complete the PhD degree will have gained the ability to identify and solve complex problems arising in their chosen research area, and will have made a substantial original contribution to this area.

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