Financial Risk Management (MSc)

Programme status: Fully Approved

In the wake of the recent financial crises, a better understanding of financial risk management will play an extremely important role.

The MSc Financial Risk Management has been designed to meet the demand from the financial sector for individuals with expertise in this field. The programme is demanding and challenging. Its intention is to equip you with the broad range of statistical and mathematical tools needed to tackle practical real-world problems in financial risk management.

Upon successful completion of this programme, you will have the expertise to:

  • identify and manage the major sources of risk in the financial markets
  • understand the role of financial derivative products, their use (and misuse) and how they are priced
  • analyse financial data and specifically build risk models, detect trends in data, test a given hypothesis and forecast future values
  • build an investment portfolio (of risky assets) and carefully monitor its performance through time.