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Computer Science and Information Systems (MPhil / PhD)

Programme status: Fully Approved

Birkbeck's Department of Computer Science and Information Systems was founded over 50 years ago, making it one of the oldest academic computing departments. Since 1946, when Professor AD Booth began building the College's first computer, the department has evolved into a world-class research centre, as witnessed by our RAE 2008 results.

The department has 2 major research groups: the Computational Intelligence Group; and the Information Management and Web Technologies Group. Our research is focused on data management, data mining and machine learning, knowledge representation and reasoning, logic and artificial intelligence, semantic web technologies, search engines, mobile and ubiquitous computing, computer vision and image processing, adaptive systems, bio-inspired computing and social networks.

We also have a major research collaboration with our neighbouring Institute of Education, the London Knowledge Lab, which is a multidisciplinary research laboratory exploring how digital technologies and new media are shaping the future of knowledge and learning.