School of Science

In the School of Science, our academics are actively engaged in ground-breaking, internationally recognised research, including subjects as diverse as child psychology, climate change, poverty and development, the geology of other planets, and effective treatments for killer diseases.

You said: You wanted the College to offer more academic support

  • We have updated our documents giving guidance on expectations for feedback, pastoral care, fieldwork safety and guidance on final thesis work. We will be discussing these in more detail at our termly staff-student liaison committee.
  • We have improved the information on the student service web pages to provide you with academic support information and contact details.

You said: Good-quality assessment, and speedy and useful feedback are important to you

  • We have improved the information on the student service web pages to better provide you with better information regarding assessment and feedback.

You said: you value getting support with personal development and employability

  • We are introducing pathway exit awards that focus studies on the research specialisms within the department, for both new and continuing students.
  • We are increasing the number of available option modules in the final two years – students now take 90 credits of options rather than 30.

You said: The College could offer better services to support your experience

  • We are reorganising the BSc Psychology programme to ensure it better meets the needs of both full-time and part-time students.