School of Law

The School of Law is a leading centre for critical, interdisciplinary and innovative legal research, which informs our teaching and our interactions with policy-makers, public bodies, the legal profession, NGOs, campaign and pressure groups and the wider public.

You said: You want the College to offer more academic support

  • We have a new info sheet on what students should do if they have failed an assessment.
  • We introduced a Year Tutors system, to offer further academic support and advice to students, in addition to Personal Tutors.
  • Personal Tutors and their contact info now listed on all students' My Birkbeck records.
  • We have improved the information on the My Birkbeck pages to provide you with Academic Support information and contact details.

You said: Good-quality assessment and speedy and useful feedback are important to you

  • Plans introduce a 'marking week', which is expected to better marking turnaround times as well as the quality of feedback.
  • We ran marking workshops for staff to increase the quality and timeliness of feedback
  • We redesigned the feedback form for some assessments to offer more tailored feedback.
  • We staggered some assessment deadlines.
  • We have improved the information on the My Birkbeck pages to better provide you with better information regarding assessment and feedback.

You said: You didn't know how your mark had been calculated

  • We created an 'FAQs about assessments' section on the Criminology Programme Page of Moodle and in the Handbook.

You said: that you value getting support with personal development and employability

  • We revised the assessments on core modules to focus on developing key skills.
  • All Y1 modules in Law and Criminology now include skills-based and assignment prep classes.

You said: The College could offer better services to support your experience

  • 30-page Induction and Skills Guide in Criminology and a similar Concordo guide in Law; an induction week skills programme for all new/Year 1 students.
  • Electronic copies of the modules guides are now posted a minimum of two weeks before classes start and in many cases earlier.
  • Digitised versions of required readings are now posted on Moodle for the first two weeks of class.
  • We created a 'Where to find Information' flowchart to summarise key sources of information at School and College level.
  • We introduced an induction evening for returning students.

You said: the quality of teaching at Birkbeck is excellent

  • We think we could make it even better:
    • We have new Learning and Development workshops for students available at all levels of study
    • We now offer optional modules in the summer term to allow students to spread their course load throughout the year.