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Students with outstanding fee debts

If you are having difficulties paying your fees, please contact the Income Office as soon as possible, for advice and guidance.

What happens if you haven't paid your fees

If you potentially qualify for the award of a degree, you should note that we will have to withhold your award if you owe a tuition fee debt to the College. Your award will not be confirmed to you until the fee debt has been settled in full, and attendance at the graduation ceremony will not be permitted unless the whole of the fee debt has been cleared by the due date.

All other students who are in fee debt to the College will have their official results withheld and/or not be permitted to re-enrol at any future session until the fee debt has been settled in full.

If you are recorded as in fee debt when the results are released, you are advised that there will be a delay before we are able to publish your results.