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Information for parents and carers

We understand that studying while caring for children is a significant undertaking; our primary aim as the evening nursery is to provide a pleasurable experience for your child, so you can study with confidence.

Our service

The nursery is based at 50-51 Gordon Square, close to the main building on Torrington Square.

Age of children who can come to the nursery

  • We accept children from two to six years; however, we will accept older children if they are already attending the nursery. 

Opening hours

  • The nursery is open from 5.40-9pm Monday-Friday during term time. We are also able to offer ‘occasional’ childcare at the nursery with at least 24 hours' prior notice. 


Nursery environment

  • The nursery has a relaxed and informal atmosphere that allows the children to participate in free play of their choice. We have a large playroom with a wide range of books and toys, and space for painting and sand play. Older children are welcome to bring homework and toys from home. 


  • Occasionally we will take the children out to one of the many local parks, weather permitting. 


  • We provide children with a healthy snack during the evening, such as cheese on toast and a piece of fruit, but we recommend that your child has a meal before coming to the nursery.
  • You are welcome to bring an alternative snack for your child, particularly if they have specific dietary requirements.

How to get the best out of our service

We know you will study more effectively if you are confident that your child is well cared for. In return, we ask all parents and carers to follow our guidelines.

Settling your child in

  • To ensure both you and your child are comfortable with the facilities and members of staff, we recommend that you visit the nursery with your child in advance of starting lectures. As younger children may take longer to settle in, we would encourage you to attend at least one session with your child, to familiarise them with the surroundings.


  • Please do not bring your child to the nursery if they are unwell. We understand that this can be difficult as you don’t want to miss any lectures; however, it is in the best interests of your child and the others at the nursery that they remain at home.

Cancelling a booked session

Supplies for younger children

  • If you have a younger child you will need to provide us with nappies, a pushchair for sleeping and a change of clothes.