Private halls of residence

London has a variety of independent, privately owned and charity-run halls of residence, offering a large range of accommodation to students. This type of accommodation can be a good option for those students not able to get a place in Birkbeck-nominated accommodation. The halls are not affiliated to Birkbeck and this list is for information purposes only. You must apply directly to the organisation for accommodation.

International Students' House

  • Located a 10-minute walk from Birkbeck, and adjacent to Regent's Park, International Students House provides a wide range of accommodation: from dormitories to en-suite rooms, and couple or family flats.
  • It has on-site facilities such as a gym, bar and has a wide programme of events that take place 365 days a year such as themed suppers, lectures and debates, and a travel club.
  • The facilities at ISH are open to Birkbeck students even if they are not resident.

Unite Students

  • A leading provider of student accommodation in London, Unite offers a large choice of accommodation, from en-suite single rooms to one and two-bed flats.
  • Birkbeck has an agreement with Unite, which means that a number of rooms are reserved for students at discounted rates until 31 July 2017 in Station Court, North Lodge and Emily Bowes Court. 

Helen Graham House

  • Helen Graham House offers comfortable and affordable living in twin or single rooms, and is located opposite the British Museum, just a few minutes walk from the College's main building.
  • Kitchens and bathrooms are shared.

Goodenough College

  • Located seven minutes from Birkbeck, Goodenough College provides accommodation ranging from single/double rooms to family flats for postgraduate students from all over the world. It offers a secure and friendly environment and a very active student College community.

International Lutheran Student Centre

  • A modern home for international students in central London, the International Lutheran Student Centre is located in a quiet street in Bloomsbury. It accommodates full-time postgraduate students from around the world in moderately priced accommodation (singles and twins).

Goldsmiths House

  • Located in Mornington Crescent (a 10-minute walk from the Birkbeck main building), Goldsmiths House offers safe and basic student accommodation (a large kitchen and dining area, two common rooms, a small computer lab and shared bathrooms) for female students.
  • With no need to put down a security deposit and flexible-length contracts, this property offers excellent value for money.

YMCA Indian Student Hostel

  • Started in 1920, the YMCA Indian Student Hostel has rendered pioneering service to the Indian students who have been coming to London, providing them with a safe haven and a home away from home.

Cass and Claredale

  • Cass and Claredale is a not-for-profit organisation that has been housing university students for over 30 years. It is also a great location for students using the Birkbeck facilities at our Stratford campus. Accommodation starts at £150 per week.

Alban Hall

  • Alban Hall, near High Street Kensington, offers catered accommodation to 109 full-time students.
  • The weekly rent for 2017-18 is £196.92 for a single room and £209.23 for a single room with an en-suite toilet.
  • Please note that the hall is closed over the Christmas and Easter break.


  • With seven sites across London - based at Highbury, Hammersmith, Aldgate, City and Bankside, Pure accommodates hundreds of students in a variety of spaces, from study rooms to studios.


  • Fresh provides luxury student accommodation in four London sites. Fresh's new hall, Mannequin House, opening in September 2017, will offer rooms from £195 per week.

Chester House

  • Located in Muswell Hill, Chester House is a catered hall that welcomes up to 159 people from the UK and countries all over the world.
  • Most of the residents are aged 18 to 25, but postgraduate students up to 30 can also apply for rooms. Full-time and part-time students can reside in this hall.

The Student Housing Company

  • Depot Point in King’s Cross has shared five, six or seven bed ensuite flats and a selection of private studios just minutes from St Pancras station.

Ducane Housing Association

  • This housing association provides affordable accommodation to postgraduate students in West London. Single rooms, as well as flats for couples, families or friends sharing, are available.

Nansen Village Housing Association

Zebra Housing

  • International postgraduate students can apply for flats in a number of residences managed by Zebra Housing.

Victoria League Students House

  • Victoria League House is a residential hostel for use by members of the Commonwealth (including Britain) aged between 18 and 30. It is situated in the Bayswater area with 23 single rooms, three double units and three bedsits.