Tosh Modupe

Current PG Certificate in Sport Management student (part-time)

Former BSc Community Development and Public Policy student (part-time)

Why did you choose Birkbeck?

The reason I chose Birkbeck was for its outstanding flexible studying arrangements for mature students who have to balance their working career and family life with advancing their academic understanding.

What did you enjoy about the course?

Obviously the topic I initially chose, but also the friendly study environment of the university with the ability to call upon staff members to resolve any difficulty one experienced. Lastly, the structured course timetable and camaraderie of the students themselves.    

Is there anything on the course that inspired you?

Yes, the passion our lecturers gave during their lectures and seminars showed me that it wasn't just about delivering a topic to a class – they honestly wanted us to achieve the academic understanding of the subject matter so as to graduate with a full understanding of the topic.

Has doing the course made a difference to your career?

I am currently enrolled on the PG Cert in Sport Management at Birkbeck. When I have completed this, I will go on to fulfil my dream of doing an MSc in Business in Football. However during the degree I really enjoyed studying about gender so I have decided to also do a second part-time Masters’ degree in Gender, Sexuality and Society at Birkbeck.

What were you doing before Birkbeck and what are you doing now?

I was and still am an operational London Firefighter.

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