Ibra Diouf

BSc Financial Economics / Infrastructure Finance Intern

Why did you choose to study at Birkbeck?

I came from Senegal with high hopes for my future in the financial sector. I was looking for a prestigious university in the UK where I could study Economics, but I also needed to support myself during my studies. Birkbeck was really the obvious choice.

What would you say about your experience at Birkbeck?

From day one Birkbeck has been a great experience. I started my BSc in Financial Economics and felt that my ambition and effort were nurtured here. The stimulating environment encouraged me to use my spare time to write related articles, which I have already seen published, and some of my classmates have asked me to support them with tutoring sessions, which I was honoured to do.

How did you hear about Birkbeck Talent?

Birkbeck Talent approached me about the Infrastructure Finance internship at CH2M. It was a really exciting prospect; I knew that I had the theoretical knowledge and the enthusiasm, but being very young, I wondered if it was really possible for an international company of that calibre to take my application seriously.

How did Birkbeck Talent help you?

Birkbeck Talent were amazingly supportive.  They referred me to the Careers and Employability Service who reviewed my CV and cover letter, and gave me mock interviews. Birkbeck Talent reassured me that I had the right qualifications and transferrable skills to be a strong candidate. Without the help of Birkbeck Talent, I don’t think I would have got the job.

What happened after your internship finished?

After I finished my internship, Birkbeck Talent helped me to find a Revenue and Research Analyst role at South West Trains.  I reported to the executive board and contributed to revenue forecasting exercises. There was a lot of research involved to determine whether a certain initiatives will be beneficial. This role helped me to secure my current role as a graduate management consultant back at CH2M – I’m so grateful for the experience!

Would you recommend Birkbeck Talent to other students/alumni?

Yes, definitely. They see your potential and help you to present yourself in the best way.

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