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Giovanni Melina

MSc Economics

'My initial drive to study for the MSc Economics at Birkbeck College was not only the specific interest I had in Macroeconomics but also the strong reputation that the Department of Economics enjoys in this field, among many others.

'The program was truly demanding but it was this feature that made it intellectually very stimulating. All of the instructors were there for us, always ready to provide extensive support and offer their expertise, and there was an informal, friendly yet professional atmosphere that made me feel part of the College from day one.

'As I performed quite well I was encouraged to apply for a doctorate and that was how the PhD adventure began. By nature, there are two quintessential elements for a doctoral degree: commitment and dedication. It lasts typically three or four years and the candidate is required to come up with a thesis featuring scientific rigour and original research.

'With these elements in mind, having the backing and guidance of a supervisor and the support by the rest of the department becomes a necessity. This is precisely what I experienced at Birkbeck: passionate and knowledgeable academics who, in addition to being experts in their fields of research, are always there to help when it is most needed in many possible ways.

'Given all this thoroughly positive experience, the programme equipped me above all with all those essential transferable skills on conducting independent research through my personal critical lens in the field of macroeconomic policy and, perhaps most importantly, the necessary confidence to start building a career out of it.'


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