Dionysios Mitropoulos

PhD Psychosocial Studies

Birkbeck’s international alumni often champion the reputation of their alma mater and their encouragement leads to others following in their footsteps by studying at Birkbeck. This has certainly been the case for Dionysios Mitropoulos, who found out about Birkbeck when he was studying at the University of Athens and being taught by Birkbeck alumnus Professor Kyrkos Doxiadis.

Dionysios said: ‘I heard about Birkbeck from Professor Doxiadis as he had studied his MSc and PhD in Sociology at Birkbeck in the 1970s and ‘80s. He was incredibly complimentary and described how Birkbeck is exceptional for research in the Social Sciences. I decided to apply because of his positive experience and the academic reputation of the Department of Psychosocial Studies.’

Dionysios, who is originally from Greece, is studying subjectivity, resistance, protests and collective action in his home country for his PhD in Psychosocial Studies at Birkbeck. His research interests are Post-Structuralism, Critical Theory, Psychoanalysis, Subjectivity, Governmentality, Collective Action and Political Ecology, and his supervisors are Professor Sasha Roseneil and Professor Lynne Segal. Dionysios said: ‘I wanted to study in the Department of Psychosocial Studies at Birkbeck because it is one of the most radical Departments in the UK, and it was the only place where I could follow this course of study. My supervisors have been very encouraging, and we share the same perspective.’

His studies are also providing him with an opportunity to change career. Dionysios previously worked at a senior level in sales and advertising within the digital media sector in Greece. He now wants to pursue a career in academia.

As a winner of one of Birkbeck’s Anniversary Scholarships, Dionysios has his tuition fees paid by Birkbeck and also receives cash for his day-to-day living expenses. He added: ‘The scholarship has given me the opportunity to fulfil my academic and personal aspirations. If I wasn’t awarded the scholarship, I wouldn’t be here.’

Dionysios is also living and studying in London for the first time. He previously studied at undergraduate and postgraduate levels at the University of Athens, and at postgraduate level at the University of Kent. Dionysios said: ‘I enjoy living here because London is very multicultural. There are plenty of cultural and educational opportunities, thus you can develop your professionalism and personality in any way you want. Birkbeck organises many events, has a fantastic cinema, and there is always something interesting taking place.’

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