Constanza Ceresa

PhD Spanish and Latin American Cultural Studies

'Birkbeck College has a special signature, and so does the Iberian and Latin American Studies Department. In my four years as a PhD student I had the chance to share questions and ideas with open-minded and curious colleagues and lecturers in both formal and informal contexts: fortnightly seminar research, postgraduate forums, conferences and coffee breaks. At the same time my research was closely guided by my supervisor, Professor William Rowe, who was as committed to my work as myself. These particular elements made me enjoy every stage of my experience as a student.

Because of its characteristic critical approach and the special place that this department has in the field, I had the chance to attend several job interviews and got a position as a Teaching Fellow at the University of Bath before finishing my studies. Just after giving my VIVA VOCE, I got a Teaching Fellow position in the Department of Spanish and Latin American Studies Department in UCL. There I have had the opportunity to plan and teach very different BA courses, in which critical thinking has a pivotal role. From Birkbeck, as well as the expertise in Latin American studies, I have taken with me a special signature, perhaps that particular way of thinking the practice of education, and I think that is invaluable.'

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