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What to do if your application for research funding is accepted

Have you been successful in your application for research funding? Here's what to do next.

Acceptance of awards

  • When notification of an award is given direct to an applicant, the applicant should immediately copy the notification to .
    • The Research Office will check the award against the original application to see if there are any variations in terms from those set out in the application, for example, in the total value of the grant or the start date.
    • The Research Office will also check the conditions attached to the award, for example, there may be restrictions on virement between different budget headings which will need to be strictly adhered to. Any points arising will be discussed with the applicant before the Head of the Research Office accepts the award on behalf of the College.
  • You may not make commitments against funds provided under a research grant or contract before the award has formally been accepted.
  • You should also inform  of any unsuccessful applications.

Contract negotiation

  • Contract negotiation can be a complex process, especially for collaborative grants and those funded by the European Union.
  • The conditions set down in any contract must be acceptable to the College.
    • In some cases the draft contract may have been seen at the application stage; in others the conditions form part of the contract to be signed.
    • A full scrutiny of the conditions is made by the Research Office, before being passed for a signature to the College Secretary / Director of Finance.
  • At this stage negotiations about individual clauses may be necessary before the contract can be accepted. An area of common concern is ownership of intellectual property and publication rights, and you are advised to discuss these at an early stage with your applications contact in the Research Office.

Setting up new awards

  • Once the acceptance of an award / contract has been agreed, signed and returned to the funder, a sub-project code will be set up by the Research Office and an Announcement letter sent to the award holder:
  • The Announcement letter will give the sub-project code, full budget and analysis codes, when the award is in a foreign currency, an approximate budget is given at the present rate of exchange.
  • A separately identifiable sub-project code is opened for each funded research.

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