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Managing your research award

Appointing staff

  • All appointments to posts funded by external grants need to be approved by the Research Office.
  • Requests for staff appointments should be made by the grantholder or their departmental administrator using Birkbeck’s staff approval system.
  • The Research Office will check whether there are sufficient funds in place for the appointment requested and the appointment fits within the scope of the project.
    • Note that some funders require prior approval of an appointee before the post is confirmed, or to approve departures from the original planned appointments. The Research Office will advise in these cases.

Responsibilities of award holders

  • The award holder, or their authorised deputy, is responsible for authorising expenditure from project funds and monitoring expenditure on a day-to-day basis against the account code.
  • Expenditure must relate only to items approved in the budget and the period of the award. Virement (movement) of funds between budget headings may be permitted only if it is within the terms and conditions of funding – please check with the Research Office before authorising expenditure. Expenditure on a grant or contract in excess of the sum specified is not permitted.
  • At the end of a grant or contract please ensure that you submit invoices and expense claims as soon as possible to the Finance Department to process, as many funders require that the final financial statements be submitted within a specific timeframe (e.g. for Research Councils it is strictly within 3 months of the end date of the award).
    • Note that if Birkbeck is a collaborator on a joint project then we often need to submit the final financial statement to the lead partner within two months of the end date of the award to give the lead partner sufficient time to collate and submit the final statement to the funder.
  • Any proposed changes from the contract agreement discussed between the researcher and the funder must be notified to the Research Office. This includes any notifications of extensions or amendments to the agreement.
  • It is the responsibility of the award holder to submit progress and final reports on time. Any financial penalties incurred by late submission must be borne by the award holder’s school. Unless previously agreed, any final overspend on the grant must be met by the award holder’s school.

Research Office responsibilities

  • The Research Office carries out quarterly financial reviews of research accounts and looks after the charging of academic staff time and overhead costs to projects.
  • All financial statements and invoices are prepared by and issued by the Research Office to the funder; the Research Office also monitors and follows up receiving income from funders.

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