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Sebastian Hale-Smith

BA Philosophy

Sebastian Hale-Smith, 21, is in the final year of his BA Philosophy.  He came to Birkbeck after completing his A-levels at Lewes College, where he was lucky enough to have teachers who were able to pass on their passion for their subjects.

The flexibility of part-time study meant a great deal to Sebastian.  Since starting at Birkbeck in 2008 he has been able to immerse himself in several voluntary and paid jobs, get elected as a town councillor, become president of Birkbeck’s Philosophy Society and gain many valuable skills that he says he would never have had the time for on a full-time course.  It was this flexibility, together with the excellent reputation of the philosophy department, and the fact that he would graduate with a prestigious University of London qualification that convinced Sebastian that Birkbeck was the right place for him.

Sebastian comments: 'As my course has progressed I think it’s clear to see that my organisation skills have improved.  As president of the Philosophy Society I’ve had the opportunity to talk to some brilliant philosophers and invite them to give papers for the society. This has, in a short period of time, made me more confident and better at writing formal emails! The most applicable skill that I’ve learnt during my degree is the ability to clearly analyse arguments.  This is often useful with my duties as a town councillor.'

The other students that Sebastian has met at Birkbeck have also been a source of inspiration: 'Firstly it means that I could talk to my friends about the professions that they are in and get a feel what I want to do once I leave Birkbeck, and secondly it’s impressive to see these people with full-time jobs dedicated to learning something new.  I never want to lose that and I think that Birkbeck’s going to instil that in me permanently,' concludes Sebastian. 

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'As my course has progressed I think it’s clear to see that my organisation skills have improved.'