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SSHP Learning Development Strategies

Project Inform 2017/18


  1. To cyclically signpost to (staff and students) the learning development resources available to students in SSHP
  2. To encourage student engagement with learning development resources and interventions
  3. To highlight to students the link between maximising academic potential and student success
  4. To provide easily accessible resources which model/map learning development resources in SSHP and across the college
  5. To disseminate the termly Learning Development Newsletter (LDN) to SSHP students and staff
  6. LDC to attend core modules LV5-6 and PG seminars to promote learning development in an inspirational way, to increase student engagement
  7. To devise and disseminate email signposting campaigns highlighting key aspects of learning development resources
  8. To disseminate animation of learning development and LD model/map of resources on offer
  9. To agree with departmental team leaders where the animation will be posted, e.g all Moodle module sites
  10. To present the LD animation and model/map to academic staff at 6 departmental meetings

3TR (3 Things Research)


  1. To identify the key areas which SSHP students identify as supportive upon starting their academic journey
  2. To compare contrast and identify themes and alignment in student experience between the six departments in SHHP via the research data
  3. To collate and disseminate the research findings to relevant departmental teams and retention committees
  4. To share the relevant and appropriate research outcomes with relevant stakeholders across BBK
  5. LDC to champion the development of strategies and interventions to address any shortfall in provision or engagement which has been identified in the research data
  6. LDC to champion the development of strategies and interventions to build upon any good practice identified in the research data
  7. To inform students of the findings of the research and what strategies SSHP will employ in response