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Are you a final year student? The long Journey!

The nature of human achievement is that often we forget just how far we have travelled on our voyage of success.

When you began your academic journey at Birkbeck, University of London some years ago, you probably had a strong vision of what you wanted to achieve and why.  Just take a moment and return to your thoughts at that time and what prompted you to commence this journey in which you have shown determination, resilience and tenacity.

You are now on the final leg of that marathon journey so to speak and this would be a good point to simply glance back to remind yourself just how much you have changed and transformed as a result of education.  Often we are too busy to see just how much growth has taken place but I encourage you to take a glance at how education has changed your world view and your understanding of yourself. Higher education is a challenging journey but speaking personally, addressing my undergraduate degree was perhaps the most transformative event of my adult life and I treasure the opportunities that it has allowed me to engage with.

My congratulations and admiration to you for reaching this point in your academic journey. You have worked hard and deserve all the success that you have achieved and that is coming your way. The academic skills you have developed and resilience you have shown at Birkbeck will serve you well on the next stage of your life journey. Birkbeck will always be here to support you further in your life exploration and learning.

Birkbeck alumni offer a range of services to help you remain connected to Birkbeck while the careers and employability service are dedicated to helping you make the most of your new qualification. Details of their service can be found by going to their web pages detailed below.

We wish you the very best in your continued learning journey!