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Our community

The school consists of six departments, themselves containing more than ten separate disciplines. We are home to over 150 academic staff and 30 administrative staff, and almost 7,000 students, spread across all levels of academic study, from Certificates to BA/BSc programmes, to masters and PhD students. The school is therfore both large and diverse.

We see that diversity as key to our success. Our students range in age from 18 to 80, and study at very different rates across a large variety of programmes. However, we share one thing: commitment. Everyone who studies at Birkbeck has made a particular choice to join us. Evening study is always a major commitment - but doing it with others is what makes it work. Our staff value this also, because it is an unparalleled pleasure to work with students who really want to learn.

Birkbeck provides its members with a variety of facilities, benefits and opportunities; but its greatest resource is its own community of students and staff. The support, encouragement and inspiration that we provide to each other are what makes Birkbeck work.

We shall be adding more content to this section of the website over the coming months. Please visit us again.