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Beijing International Sculpture Park
No.2, Shijingshanlu,
Shijingshan District

The first Beijing International Urban Sculptural Art Exhibition in 2002 also saw the opening of the Beijing International Sculpture Park. The park presents around 140 works, both traditional and contemporary in style.


Changchun World Sculpture Park

9518, Renmin Street,
Changchun City, Jilin Province
Tel: +86 431-85379001

In Spring 2003 one of the largest permanent sculpture parks opened in Changchun, the capital of the Liaoning Province. The urban Sculpture Park has over 350 sculptures displayed on the 150 acres. It is also host to a gallery and holds the annual International Sculpture Symposium.
Images of artworks can be seen at:

Entrance fee applies. 


Guangzhou Sculpture Park
545 Xiatang West Road
Fei'e Ling
Baiyun District

The Guangzhou Sculpture Park is China's largest thematic sculpture park, at 113 acres. It was built by the Guangzhou Municipal People's Government in 1996 in commemoration of the 2210th anniversary of the founding of Guangzhou Town. The sculptures feature gardening, ornamental, educational, artistic and historic themes.

Within this sculpture park is the Tang Daxi Sculpture Park which was approved in 2006 by the Municipal Government, displaying a collection of sited works by the prominent Chinese realist sculptor Tang Daxi. The works depict patriotic and historic themes.

With its elegant environment and vast variety of sculptures, the Guangzhou Sculpture Park is a showcase of Guangzhou's history and Lingnan's cultural features.

Music events, including the Guangzhou Jazz and World Music Festival, are scheduled in the sculpture park.

Open daily.


Olympic Forest Park

Created for the Beijing Olympics in 2008, this sculpture park covers an area of 680 hectares and displays around 80 works by national and international artists, representing the Olympic spirit: Higher, Faster and Stronger. Some works are figurative, showing traditional sports, and additionally there are architectural installations and contemporary sculpture throughout the park. The landscape design was led by Hu Jie, director of the Landscape Planning and Design Institute at Tsinghua University. Opened to the public May 2009.


Pan He Sculpture Park
Houjiao Village
Haizhu District

The Pan He Sculpture Park, which opened to the public in 2008, is thought of as one of the largest sculpture parks dedicated to displaying the works of a single artist. Over sixty pieces of Pan's work are sited.

Pan He is a professor at the Guangzhou Academy of Fine Art. His works, including Hard Time, Zhuhai Fisherwoman, and a statue of soldiers commemorating the Liberation of Guangzhou, primarily feature historical themes. As a Chinese realist sculptor, Pan takes sculpture as a method of serving political movements, depicting the social and political life of the country.

Open free of charge to the public.


Shanghai Sculpture Park
Linyin New Rd.
West Shanghai 201602
Tel: +86-21-57798090

The Shanghai Sculpture Park opened in 2005. Over 30 contemporary pieces of sculpture are displayed in a beautiful landscape surrounded by the Sheshan Mountains.

The sculpture park is open from 9am till 5pm. Admission is charged.


Yin Jichang Sculpture Park
Xijiao Park
Nan'an Rd.
Liwan District

The Yin Jichang Sculpture Park displays 35 works by Chinese realist sculptor Yin Jichang.

The collection represents reproductions of esteemed monuments that can be found elsewhere around the city by other renowned artists. Copies of Guangzhou’s Five-Ram sculpture, the Guangzhou Liberation Commemoration sculpture, and the Guangzhou Uprising monument is on display.

Open daily. Free of charge.


Yuzi Paradise
Dabu Town,
Yanshan District,
Guilin 541006
Tel: +86-773-3869066 / 3867888

Founded by Taiwanese entrepreneur Mr. Rhy-Chang Tsao in 1996, yet not opening to the public in 2004, this large scale park hosts land art and contemporary sculpture featuring over 200 works by 140 artists from 47 different nations. On the grounds of Yuzi Paradise (or ‘Fool’s Paradise’) is also the Hotel of Modern Art.




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