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Stefanie Danevoy

Certificate of Higher Education Psychology

I knew that I wanted to do an evening class in psychology so I did a search on the internet. I found a variety of options but the course that Birkbeck offered suited me best.  I know some people who’ve studied here and they said that the level of teaching is really good so it was an easy decision.  I really liked the fact that you have to come in to the college and attend classes – I didn’t want distance learning as I felt that a subject like psychology needs interaction and a chance to discuss ideas. The cost was reasonable as well. The application was easy, I enrolled and paid and that was it.

I wasn’t particularly inspired at work and I wanted something to stimulate me. The fact that Birkbeck’s course is modular worked perfectly for me because it meant I could enrol for one module and see if I liked it and if I could handle the work. I could also choose the way I studied and I really liked that flexibility. Some people choose to do more than one module at a time as they want to finish the course as quickly as possible while others just want to do it at their own pace and enjoy it. Birkbeck gives you the chance to study in the way that suits you.

I graduated when I was 21 in France, where I’m from, and I hadn’t studied since then, so it felt good to return to studying. Within three weeks of starting the course I realised that I wanted to do more and once I’d made the decision to do the certificate I then decided that eventually I’d like to do a degree.

There was a good mix of people on the course and it was interesting to get other people’s input and we had great debates. It’s proved very helpful for the work I do as I spend a lot of time managing people.  I like it that my studies have given me an understanding of the world and have made me question myself.

The lecturers were really good. They really knew their subject and were flexible and understood that people often had other commitments.  I loved everything that I was learning so I didn’t find it demanding at all. It opened up a whole world to me and challenged a lot of the preconceived ideas I had about people and science in general. I realised I have more of a scientific mind than I thought and that I have a real passion for research. 

Studying while you’re working is a big challenge but I don’t regret it at all and I would do it again – I’d love to add to my certificate with a degree. I loved going to classes, the studying and having a reason to read the books. I’ve definitely got the learning bug!

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'Birkbeck gives you the chance to study in the way that suits you.'