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Our labs and research facilities - highlights

Biological Sciences

Research facilities include the recently-refurbished ISMB X-ray Crystallography laboratory with its advanced equipment for screening and optimizing crystallographiic experiments. The Rosalind Franklin Molecular Biology Laboratory,(named after the scientist Rosalind Franklin whose work was fundamental to determining DNA structure) supports investigations into molecular mechanisms of disease. The Spectroscopy Laboratory provides state-of-the-art circular dichroism instrumentation and a scanning spectrophotometer.

In addition, the close working relationship with the Institute for Structural Molecular Biology (ISMB) means students are able to access an even wider range of equipment based on the UCL campus.

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Earth and Planetary Sciences

Our students and researchers have full use of specialist laboratories such as the microphobe suite and the petrology suite with 67 workstations, each with state-of-the-art microscope. The partnership with UCL allows access to further excellent facilities, including the Wolfson Laboratory for Environmental Geochemistry, which supports analysis of the earth’s surface materials and investigations into environmental pollution.

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Psychological Sciences

Laboratories operated by numerous research teams support a full range of cognitive and neuroscientific methods such as behavourial reaction times, eye-tracking, EEG, ERP, lectrophysiological methods (ERP, EEG) and psychophysiological methods (e.g. skin conductance, heart rate variability). Wet lab facilities have recently been added to the Genes Environment Lifespan laboratory.

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